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Information Systems (eFactoring)

Customer service for clients is not possible to imagine without efficient information system. It provides primarily:

  • processing of assigned invoices for all kinds of factoring offered
  • secured data transfer to clients in electronic form
  • connection to international factoring services
  • provision of managerial information and summaries of up-to-date status of cooperation with individual clients

Regarding this, the data transfer on assigned invoices in domestic factoring and receiving necessary information is particularly important for Factoring KB clients.

  • Client obtains access to the internet eFactoring system allowing sending invoices for repurchasing and obtaining information on ongoing trades.
  • System access is secured by user name, password and personal certificate. Client can use certificates issued by Factoring KB or third-party certificates (I. CA, Post Signum).
  • Client sends files with assigned invoices (or enters the invoices directly in the application) and obtains information on their processing, on his clients’ payments and on all other realized transactions. At the same time, the client also obtains invoices issued by Factoring KB in electronic form.

Information system is built with focus on maximum safety and reliability. It is based on Oracle databases and cluster solutions by Microsoft and Hewlett Packard.


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