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We process our clients’ personal data in relation to offering, negotiating, providing, and administering products and services. We do so always in a transparent manner, in accordance with laws and regulations, and only to such extent as necessary for the relevant purpose of that processing. As a member of the Komerční banka, a.s. financial group, Factoring KB, a.s. processes personal data fully in compliance with the personal data protection rules and procedures established by the bank.

In the attached document (“Information on personal data processing”) from Komerční Banka, a.s., which will be applied as applicable regarding activities carried out by Factoring KB, a.s. (specifically pursuant to Chapter 11), you can find detailed information regarding what personal data we collect, how we handle it, for what purposes we use it, to whom we may provide it, and what are clients’ individual rights for protection of their personal data.

By the nature of its business activities, Factoring KB, a.s. processes personal data only in relation to conducting transactions with its clients, which are business entities usually of a corporate character, specifically for operational communication with its clients (contact information), electronic data protection (personal security certificates), and risk management (collateral, anti-money laundering measures) for purposes of performing under contracts, legal obligations, and legitimate interests of the administrator. Factoring KB, a.s. does not process personal data for purposes requiring consent (e.g. marketing activities).

This document will be updated regularly.

Factoring KB, a.s. is the administrator of its clients’ personal data.

Data Protection Officer of Factoring KB, a.s. is Adam Fiedler.

Data Protection Officer´s contact:

Komerční banka, a.s., Na Příkopě 33, 114 07 Praha 1
Phone: +420 800 521 521 (from abroad: +420 955 559 550)
E-mail: osobni_udaje@kb.cz

If you have any questions, please contact:

Tel .: +420 955 526 906; Tel .: +420 955 526 904
E-mail: info@factoringkb.cz


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