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Account Receivable Management

Account Receivable Management

This service helps Factoring KB clients achieve more efficiency in time saving, administration and personal costs which they would normally spend in cases of payment delays from buyers.

Strong information background at Factoring KB provides their clients with free of charge usage of internet communication eFactoring system through which they receive an immediate feedback on their accounts receivable status including agreed buyers and their payment discipline. This way, their account receivable management becomes highly effective and they can focus exclusively on their business.

Payment Reminders

Factoring KB has at its disposal an automatically or individually adjustable system of payment reminders in relation to buyers who are in payment delay. For this purpose, Factoring KB uses its own call center.

Debt Collection

In case of problematical business cases the company offers possibility of debt collection through external agency or insurance company.

Account Receivable Collection

As a part of this service, Factoring KB provides its clients with an effective due debt collection using all standard communication tools with buyers while keeping the rules of respecting supplier-buyer relations.


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